University Cup Men’s Hockey Championship

Past Awards

University Cup Tournament MVP (Major W.J. ‘Danny’ McLeod award)

The selection is made by members of the U SPORTS Men’s Hockey Coaches Association.

Year - Winner - Position - Team Year - Winner - Position - Team

2016-17 Philippe Maillet - F - UNB

2015-16 Philippe Halley - F - UNB
2014-15 Kruise Reddick - F - Alberta
2013-14 Derek Hulak - F - Saskatchewan
2012-13 Tyler Carroll - F - UNB
2011-12 Francis Verreault-Paul F McGill
2010-11 Luke Gallant D UNB
2009-10 Andrew Hotham Saint Mary's
2008-09 Lachlan MacIntosh F/A UNB
2007-08 Ian McDonald F/A Alberta
2006-07 Yvan Busque F/A Moncton
2005-06 Harlan Anderson D Alberta
2004-05 Ben Thomson F/A Alberta
2003-04 Mike Mole G StFX
2002-03 Éric Desjardins G UQTR
2001-02 Mike D'Alessandro G Western
2000-01 Alexandre Tremblay F/A UQTR
1999-00 Kevin Marsh F/A Alberta
1998-99 Cam Danyluk F/A Alberta
1997-98 Chris Zanutto D UNB
1996-97 Matt Mullin G Guelph
1995-96 Greg Clancy F/A Acadia
1994-95 Dominic Rhéaume F/A Moncton
1993-94 Trevor Ellerman F/A Lethbridge
1992-93 George Dupont F/A Acadia
1991-92 Garth Premak D Alberta
1990-91 Denis Desbiens G UQTR
1989-90 Rob Dopson G Laurier
1988-89 Mark Applewhaite G York
1987-88 Brian Gray F/A York
1986-87 Marc Gervais F/A UQTR
1985-86 Dennis Cranston F/A Alberta

Legend G: goaltender D: defenceman / F: forward

1984-85 Don McLaren F/A York
1983-84 André Hidi F/A Toronto
1982-83 Willie Desjardins F/A Saskatchewan
1981-82 Alain Grenier F/A Moncton
1980-81 Benoit Fortier G Moncton
1979-80 Chris Helland F/A Alberta
1978-79 David Hindmarch F/A Alberta
1977-78 Kevin Primeau F/A Alberta
1976-77 Rocci Pagnello D Toronto
1975-76 Kent Ruhnke F/A Toronto
1974-75 Dale Henwood G Alberta
1973-74 Bernie Wolfe G SGW
1972-73 Gord Davies F/A Toronto
1971-72 John Wright F/A Toronto
1970-71 Ron Hindson F/A Saint Mary’s
1969-70 Chuck Goddard G Saint Mary’s
1968-69 John Wright F/A Toronto
1967-68 Ron Cebryk F/A Alberta
1966-67 Unavailable / non disponible
1965-66 Tom Purser G StFX
1964-65 No MVP selected / aucune sélection
1963-64 Dave Dies D SGW
1962-63 Bill Mahoney F/A McMaster


Senator Joseph A. Sullivan Trophy (Player of the year)

The Sullivan Trophy was first awarded in 1975-76. A former player with the University of Toronto Varsity Blues, Joseph A. Sullivan was the goaltender for the University of Toronto “Grads”, which won the gold medal for Canada at the 1928 Olympic Winter Games in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The trophy was formerly presented for Canadian University Hockey competition, but was rededicated in 1976. The recipient is selected by a committee of coaches representing the three U SPORTS conferences. 

Year - Winner - Position - Team Year - Winner - Position - Team

2016-17 Philippe Maillet, UNB

2015-16 Guillaume Asselin, UQTR
2014-15 Spencer Pommells, Windsor
2013-14 Liam Heelis, Acadia
2012-13 Lucas Bloodoff, Saint Mary’s
2011-12 Andrew Clark F/A Acadia
2010-11 Alexandre Picard-Hooper F/A McGill
2009-10 Hunter Tremblay F/A UNB
2008-09 Marc Rancourt F/A Saint Mary’s
2007-08 Rob Hennigar F/A UNB
2006-07 Jay Langager D Lethbridge
2005-06 Kevin Baker F/A Acadia
2004-05 Joel Scherban F/A Lakehead
2003-04 Chris Stanley F/A Dalhousie
2002-03 Alexandre Tremblay F/A UQTR
2001-02 Jon Barkman F/A Saskatchewan
2000-01 Russ Hewson F/A Alberta
1999-00 Russ Hewson F/A Alberta
1998-99 Luc Bélanger G UQTR
1997-98 Jean Paul Davis D Guelph
1996-97 Matt Mullin G Guelph
1995-96 John Wynne D Waterloo
1994-95 Sean Basilio D Western
1993-94 Duane Dennis F/A Acadia
1992-93 Serge Lajoie D Alberta
1991-92 Shane MacEachern F/A UPEI

1990-91 Wayne Hynes F/A Calgary
1989-90 Mike Bishop G Waterloo
1988-89 Stacey Wakabayashi F/A Alberta
1987-88 Sid Cranston F/A Alberta
1986-87 Dave Quigley G Moncton
1985-86 John LeBlanc F/A UNB
1984-85 Rob Whistle D Laurier
1983-84 Mike Ridley F/A Manitoba
1982-83 Mark Locken G Saint Mary’s
1981-82 Paul Stothart F/A Queen's
1980-81 Paul Stothart F/A Queen's
1979-80 Vince Friyia F/A Lakehead
1978-79 Randy Gregg D Alberta
1977-78 Doug Caines F/A Toronto
1976-77 Ron Hawkshaw F/A York
1975-76 Jim Corsi G Concordia
1969-70 Murray Stroud F/A York


Clare Drake Award (Rookie of the year)

Inaugurated by Cooper Canada, Limited in 1985-86, the award is presented to the most outstanding first-year player in U SPORTS who has exhibited exemplary skill and leadership. The award is named in honor of the winningest coach in U SPORTS men’s hockey history, who guided the University of Alberta to six University Cup championships and 17 Canada West conference championships during his 28 seasons behind the Golden Bears bench. The recipient is selected by a committee of the U SPORTS Men’s Hockey Coaches Association.  

Year - Winner - Position - Team Year - Winner - Position - Team

2016-17 Anthony De Luca, Concordia

2015-16 Brett Welychka, Carleton
2014-15 Spencer Abraham, Queen's
2013-14 Kevin Bailie, Queen’s
2012-13 Mitch Porowski, Carleton
2011-12 Zach Harnden F/A Western
2010-11 Jason Bast F/A StFX
2009-10 Jared Gomes F/A UPEI
2008-09 Steven DaSilva F/A Saskatchewan
2007-08 Craig Voakes F/A Laurier
2006-07 Mark Shefchyk F/A Lethbridge
2005-06 Aaron Sorochan G Alberta
2004-05 Mathieu Poitras G McGill
2003-04 Kevin Young D UNB
2002-03 Dean Beuker F/A Saskatchewan
2001-02 Matt Dzieduszycki F/A Western
2000-01 Alexandre Tremblay F/A UQTR
1999-00 Clayton Pool G Alberta
1998-99 Eric Schneider F/A Calgary
1997-98 Ryan Lindsay F/A UNB

1996-97 Grady Manson F/A Brandon
1995-96 Jason Becker D Saskatchewan
1994-95 Sylvain Rodrigue G UQTR
1993-94 Jarret Zukiwsky F/A Lethbridge
1992-93 John Spoltore F/A Laurier
1991-92 Patrick Jeanson G McGill
1990-91 Dan Haylow F/A Guelph
1989-90 Wayne Hynes F/A Calgary
1988-89 Eric Galarneau F/A Moncton
1987-88 Peter Lisy F/A StFX
1986-87 Mike Bishop G Waterloo
1985-86 Claude Lefebvre F/A Moncton


Defencemen of the Year

Year - Winner - Team  Year - Winner - Team

2016-17 Jordan Murray, UNB

2015-16 Jordan Murray, UNB
2014-15 Jesse Craige, Alberta
2013-14 Ryan McKiernan, McGill
2012-13 Pierre-Luc Lessard, UQTR

2011-12 Marc-André Dorion, McGill
2010-11 Andrew Hotham, Saint Mary's
2009-10 Marc-André Dorion, McGill


Goaltender of the Year

Year - Winner - Team  

2016-17 Jordon Cooke, Saskatchewan

2015-16 Jordon Cooke, Saskatchewan
2014-15 Anthony Peters, Saint Mary's
2013-14 Jacob DeSerres, Calgary
2012-13 Kurtis Mucha, Alberta

2011-12 Real Cyr, Alberta
2010-11 Dustin Butler, Calgary
2009-10 Steve Christie, Manitoba


Father George Kehoe Memorial Award (Coach of the year)

The award is dedicated in memory of the late Director of Athletics and long-time hockey coach at St. Francis Xavier University. The selection is made by the U SPORTS Men’s Hockey Coaches Association. 

Year - Winner - Team Year - Winner - Team

2016-17 Dave Adolph, Saskatchewan

2015-16 Brad Peddle, StFX
2014-15 Gardiner MacDougall, UNB
2013-14 Brett Gibson, Queen’s
2012-13 Trevor Stienburg, Saint Mary’s
2011-12 Serge Bourgeois Moncton
2010-11 Mark Howell Calgary
2009-10 Gardiner MacDougall UNB
2008-09 Eric Thurston Alberta
2007-08 Murray Nystrom Brock
2006-07 Robert Mongrain Moncton
2005-06 Martin Raymond McGill
2004-05 Darren Burns Acadia
2003-04 Rob Daum Alberta
2002-03 Mike Eagles St. Thomas
2001-02 Clarke Singer Western
2000-01 Rob Daum Alberta
1999-00 Trevor Stienburg Saint Mary’s
1998-99 Trevor Stienburg Saint Mary’s
1997-98 Mike Kelly UNB
1996-97 Tim Bothwell Calgary
1995-96 Jacques Tremblay RMC / CMR
1994-95 Tom Coolen Acadia
1993-94 Wayne Gowing Laurier
1992-93 Tom Coolen Acadia
1991-92 Bill Liskowich Regina
1990-91 Bill Moores Alberta
1989-90 Don McKee Waterloo

1988-89 Len Doucet Moncton
1987-88 Clare Drake Alberta
1986-87 Barry Martinelli Western
1985-86 Clément Jodoin UQTR
1984-85 Wayne Fleming Manitoba
1983-84 Bill Moores Alberta
1982-83 Jean Perron Moncton
1981-82 Reg Higgs Regina
1980-81 George Kingston Calgary
1979-80 Dave King Saskatchewan
1978-79 Bill Mahoney McMaster
1977-78 Norman Meunier UQTR
1976-77 Bob Boucher Saint Mary's
1975-76 Paul Arsenault Concordia
1974-75 Clare Drake Alberta
1973-74 George Kingston Calgary
1972-73 Bob Boucher Saint Mary's
1971-72 Paul Arsenault Sir George Williams
1970-71 Tom Watt Toronto


Dr. Randy Gregg Award (hockey, academics & community service)

Inaugurated in 1990-91, the award, donated by Spectrum Registered Education Savings Plans, honors the player who best combines outstanding hockey ability, academic achievement and community involvement. The award is named in honor of Dr. Randy Gregg, who captained the University of Alberta Golden Bears to two University Cup championships and was the Sullivan Trophy winner as the U SPORTS player of the year in 1978-79. Gregg went on to win five Stanley Cups as a member of the Edmonton Oilers and was the captain of the 1980 and 1988 Canadian Olympic Teams. 

Year - Winner - Position - Team Year - Winner - Position - Team

2016-17 Aaron Armstrong, Ryerson

2015-16 Nathan Chiarlitti, StFX
2014-15 Olivier Hinse, Concordia
2013-14 Ben Lindemulder, Alberta
2012-13 Jordan Knox, UPEI
2011-12 Kyle Bailey F/A UNB
2010-11 Eric Hunter F/A Alberta
2009-10 Tyler Metcalfe F/A Alberta
2008-09 Andrew Brown F/A Lakehead
2007-08 Curtis Austring F/A Saskatchewan
2006-07 Colin Sinclair F/A UNB
2005-06 David Chant G Saint Mary’s
2004-05 Gavin McLeod D Alberta
2003-04 Jeff Zorn D Alberta
2002-03 Blair St. Martin D Alberta
2001-02 Steven Gallace D Saint Mary’s
2000-01 Mike Williams F/A York
1999-00 Mathieu Darche F/A McGill

1998-99 Brad Peddle F/A StFX
1997-98 Cam Danyluk F/A Alberta
1996-97 Mike Chambers F/A Waterloo
1995-96 Andy Clark F/A Mount Allison
1994-95 Dana McKechnie F/A Lethbridge
1993-94 Craig Donaldson D Western
1992-93 Chris Glover F/A Queen’s
1991-92 Doug Cherepacha F/A Toronto
1990-91 Derrick Pringle F/A Dalhousie


R.W. Pugh Award (Most sportsmanlike player)

Inaugurated by Cooper Canada, Limited in 1985-86, the trophy is named in honor of Robert W. Pugh, a long-time executive with U SPORTS. The selection is made by a committee of the U SPORTS Men’s Hockey Coaches Association.

Year - Winner - Position - Team Year - Winner - Position - Team

2016-17 Elgin Pearce, Calgary

2015-16 Elgin Pearce, Calgary
2014-15 Elgin Pearce, Calgary
2013-14 Chris Culligan, UNB
2012-13: Jordan Hickmott, Alberta
2011-12: Kyle Ross, Saskatchewan
2010-11 Chris Ray F/A Waterloo
2009-10 Francis Guérette-Charland F/A UQTR
2008-09 Dan McDonald F/A Ottawa
2007-08 Dan Rudisuela F/A Saint Mary’s
2006-07 Ben McLeod F/A Ottawa
2005-06 Dean Beuker F/A Saskatchewan
2004-05 Joel Ward F/A UPEI
2003-04 Joel Scherban F/A Lakehead
2002-03 Joel Scherban F/A Lakehead
2001-02 Jon Barkman F/A Saskatchewan
2000-01 Mike Williams F/A York
1999-00 Sheldon Moser F/A Saskatchewan
1998-99 Chris Gignac F/A Windsor
1997-98 Mike Jickling F/A Alberta

1996-97 Jean-François Grégoire F/A Moncton
1995-96 Brian Purdy F/A Saskatchewan
1994-95 Greg Clancy F/A Acadia
1993-94 Trevor Ellerman F/A Lethbridge
1992-93 Ryan Campbell F/A Manitoba
1991-92 Darrin McKechnie F/A Regina
1990-91 Ron Gaudet F/A UCCB
1989-90 Claude Gosselin F/A Moncton
1988-89 Ken Minello F/A Windsor
1987-88 Tim Iannone F/A McGill
1986-87 Paul Geddes F/A Calgary
1985-86 Paul Geddes F/A Calgary