2015-2016 and 2016-17 Forms - Season-Ending Injury Form - Request to Regain a Year of Eligibility (xls) (pdf) - Student-Athlete Acknowledgement and Consent Form (pdf) - Student-Athlete Registration Form (xls) (pdf) - Athlete Eligibility Verification Form - transfer students (xls) (pdf) - Athlete Eligibility Verification Form - national team student-athletes (xls) (pdf) - Transfer Rule Waiver Verification Form (track & field, cross-country) (doc) (pdf) - Transfer Rule Waiver Verification Form (swimming) (doc) (pdf) Transfer Rule Waiver Verification Form (repatriation policy) (doc) (pdf) - Eligibility Certificate (xls) (pdf)- Updated August 2016 - Player Participation Declaration Form (pdf) - Updated December 2016 - Letter of Intent (doc) (pdf) - Updated August 2016 - Letter of Intent University Release Application (doc) (pdf) - Updated August 2016 - Letter of Intent U SPORTS Release Application (doc) (pdf) - Updated August 2016

2015-2016 Resources

Student-Athlete’s Guide (doc) (pdf)

Repatriation Transfer Rule Waiver Policy: Frequently Asked Questions (doc) (pdf)

Letter of Intent: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) (.doc)

Athletic Scholarship Case Book & Interpretations (PDF)

Women’s Hockey High Performance Pilot Project –Frequently Asked Questions (doc) (pdf)

Honours Academic All-Canadian Form (PDF)- Updated September 16th, 2016 Top 8 Academic All-Canadian Nomination Form (PDF)- Updated September 16th, 2016 BLG Award Nomination Form (PDF) Sgambati Award Nomination Form (PDF) (.doc) Austin Matthews Award Nomination Form (PDF) (.doc) L.B. “Mike” Pearson Award Nomination Form (PDF) (.doc) De Koninck Award Nomination Form (PDF) (.doc)


10.10.3. Application for status as a member of U SPORTS (.doc)

10.20.2 Declaration of Participation (PDF)

National Championship Travel

20.40.4 National Championship Travel Information and Reimbursement Claim Form (PDF

Travel Expenses

80.10.3 Travel Expense Claim Form (.xls) - Updated September 16th, 2016