Past Awards

U SPORTS championship MVP

The Selection Committee is composed of members of the U SPORTS Women's Hockey Coaches Association in attendance at the championship.

Year - Winner - Team Year - Winner - Team

2016-17 Lindsey Post, Alberta

2015-16 Marie-Pier Chabot, Montreal

2014-15 Kelly Campbell, Western
2013-14 Gabrielle Davidson, McGill
2013 Kim Deschênes, Montréal
2012 Amanda Tapp, Calgary
2011 Jordanna Peroff, McGill
2010 Stephanie Ramsay, Alberta
2009 Catherine Ward, McGill
2008 Cathy Chartrand, McGill
2007 Lindsay McAlpine, Alberta
2006 Tarin Podloski, Alberta
2005 Ashley Stephenson, Laurier
2004 Danielle Bourgeois, Alberta

2003 Lori Shupak, Alberta
2002 Danielle Bourgeois, Alberta
2001 Jen Rawson, Toronto
2000 Kim St-Pierre, McGill
1999 Lori Shupak, Alberta
1998 Corinne Swirsky, Concordia


Player of the year (Brodrick Trophy)

The trophy is dedicated in honor of two members of the Brodrick Family, Dr. Robert Brodrick and his daughter Laurie (who passed away in 1994 after battling cancer), for their vision in the development of women's hockey at Loyola College / Concordia University, and throughout U SPORTS. The selection is made by the U SPORTS Women's Hockey Coaches Association.

Year - Winner - Team Year - Winner - Team

2016-17 Sarah Bujold, StFX

2015-16 Valerie Lamenta, Guelph

2014-15 Iya Gavrilova, Calgary
2013-14 Katia Clément-Heydra, McGill
2012-13 Mélodie Daoust, McGill
2011-12 Ann-Sophie Bettez, McGill
2010-11 Hayley Wickenheiser, Calgary
2009-10 Liz Knox Wilfrid, Laurier
2008-09 Tarin Podloski, Alberta
2007-08 Brayden Ferguson, StFX
2006-07 Lindsay McAlpine, Alberta
2005-06 Kate Allgood, Brock
2004-05 Danielle Bourgeois, Alberta
2003-04 Danielle Bourgeois, Alberta

2002-03 Kim St-Pierre, McGill
2001-02 Lori Shupak, Alberta
2000-01 Brandy West, Regina
1999-00 Corinne Swirsky, Concordia
1998-99 Corinne Swirsky, Concordia
1997-98 Corinne Swirsky, Concordia


Rookie of the year

The award is presented to a first-year player who has exhibited exemplary skill and leadership.

Year - Winner - Team Year - Winner - Team

2016-17 Tricia Deguire, McGill

2015-16 Mélodie Bouchard, Ottawa

2014-15 Alanna Sharman, Manitoba
2013-14 Kaitlin Willoughby, Saskatchewan
2012-13 Christine Grant, Guelph
2011-12 Melodie Daoust, McGill
2010-11 Alex Normore, StFX
2009-10 Caitlin MacDonald, Manitoba
2008-09 Marie-Andrée Leclerc-Auger, McGill
2007-08 Ann-Sophie Bettez, McGill
2006-07 Catherine Ward, McGill
2005-06 Karissa Swan, Regina
2004-05 Courtney Schriver, Saint Mary’s

2003-04 Cecilia Anderson, Concordia
2002-03 Lindsay Taylor ,Saint Mary's
2001-02 Cindy Eadie, Laurier
2000-01 Erin Tady, Regina
1999-00 Danielle Bourgeois, Alberta


Coach of the year

The Selection Committee is composed of members of the U SPORTS Women's Hockey Coaches Association.

Year - Winner - Team Year - Winner - Team

2016-17 Chris Larade, Saint Mary’s

2015-16 Chris Larade, Saint Mary’s

2014-15 Chris Higgins*, Western
             Dave Barrett*, Western
2013-14 Steve Kook, Saskatchewan
2012-13 Graham Thomas, UBC
2011-12 Peter Smith, McGill
2010-11 Jim Denham, Brock
2009-10 Steve Kook, Saskatchewan
2008-09 Howie Draper, Alberta
2007-08 Peter Smith, McGill
2006-07 Rhéal Bordage, Moncton
2005-06 Lesley Jordan, Dalhousie
2004-05 Todd Erskine, Brock
2003-04 Howie Draper, Alberta

2002-03 Peter Smith * McGill
              Lisa MacDonald * Saint Mary’s
2001-02 Howie Draper, Alberta
2000-01 Karen Hughes, Toronto
1999-00 Les Lawton, Concordia



Outstanding student-athlete (Marion Hilliard Award) 

The award honours Marion Hillard, a top player on the University of Toronto Varsity Blues outstanding hockey team which captured six championships from 1922-27. Hillard was President of the University Hockey Club and was a member of the women's Athletic Directorate for four years. The award rewards excellence in a student-athlete in three areas: hockey, academics and community involvement.

Year - Winner - Team Year - Winner - Team

2016-17 Sarah Weninger, Mount Royal

2015-16 Janelle Froehler, Alberta

2014-15 Nicole Kesteris, Toronto
2013-14 Nicole Kesteris, Toronto
2012-13 Kayla Blackmore, St. Thomas
2011-12 Jill Morillo, UOIT
2010-11 Andrea Switalski, Mount Allison
2009-10 Kaitlyn McNutt, Dalhousie
2008-09 Danika Smith, Ottawa
2007-08 Shauna Denis, McGill
2006-07 Taryn Barry, Alberta
2005-06 Leah Kutcher, Dalhousie
2004-05 Sue McCutcheon, Toronto
2003-04 Janna Gillis, Concordia

2002-03 Jenny McRae, Toronto
2001-02 Lauren Houghton, Concordia
2000-01 Virginie Bilodeau, UQTR
1999-00 Karina Verdon, Ottawa
1998-99 Bridget Bates, Toronto
1997-98 Karen Kendall, Concordia


R.W. Pugh Fair Play Award 

Year - Winner - Team Year - Winner - Team

2016-17 Not Awarded

2015-16 Not Awarded

2014-15 Not Awarded
2013-14 Not Awarded
2012-13 Sophie Brault, Montréal

2011-12 Andrea Boras, Alberta
2010-11 Nicolle Pratt, Alberta
2009-10 Katie Harvieux, StFX