Canada West Champion | November 2 - 5

2017 FHC Women's Field Hockey Championship

U SPORTS Women's Field Hockey Past Award Winners


The award is presented to the player who scores the most points during the U SPORTS championship, among players selected on the tournament All-Star Team. The announcement and presentation is made following the Championship Game.

Date - Winner - Team Date - Winner - Team

2016 Hannah Haughan, UBC
2015 Hannah Haughn, UBC
2014 Amanda Woodcroft, Toronto
2013 Abigail Raye, UBC
2012 Hannah Haughn, UBC
2011 Robyn Pendleton, UBC
2010 Kaelan Watson, Toronto
2009 Robyn Pendleton, UBC
2008 Jessalyn Walkey, Guelph
2007 Alexandra Lee, Victoria
2006 Jessie Denys, UBC
2005 Jessie Denys, UBC
2004 Tiffany Michaluk, UBC
2003 Lauren MacLean, Victoria
2002 Stephanie Jameson, UBC
2001 Christine DeSantis, Toronto
2000 Anna Grimes, Victoria
          & Emily Rix, Toronto

1999 Sue Tingley, Alberta
1998 Veronica Planella, Victoria
1997 Aoibhinn Grimes, Victoria
1996 Dana Anderson, Toronto
1995 Wendy Johnstone, Toronto
1994 Candy Thomson, UBC
1993 Heather Jones, Alberta
1992 Heather Jones, Alberta


LIZ HOFFMAN AWARD (Most Valuable Player)

Presented to the Most Valuable university field hockey player in Canada. The selection is made by a committee composed of members of the U SPORTS Coaches Association. The announcement and presentation is made at the National Championship.

Date - Winner - Team Date - Winner - Team

2016 Rachel Donohoe*, UBC                         & Olivia Lane*, Guelph

2015 Tegan Stairs, Toronto
2014 Amanda Woodcroft, Toronto
2013 Anna Easty, York
2012 Brittany Seidler, Guelph
2011 Robyn Pendleton, UBC
2010 Brienne Stairs, Guelph
2009 Brienne Stairs, Guelph
2008 Cailie O'Hara, Toronto
2007 Cailie O'Hara, Toronto
2006 Christine De Pape, UBC
2005 Alexandra Lee, Victoria
2004 Stephanie Jameson, UBC
2003 Philippa Kedgley, Toronto
2002 Lauren MacLean, Victoria
2001 Andrea Rushton, Victoria
2000 Tina Cormier, UNB
1999 Aoibhinn Grimes, Victoria

1998 Deb Cuthbert, Toronto
1997 Marla Richardson, Calgary
1996 Carla Somerville, Alberta
1995 Brenda Lannard, Victoria
1994 Rachel Carpenter, York
1993 Josette Babineau, UNB
1992 Rochelle Low, Victoria



GAIL WILSON AWARD (Outstanding Contributor)

The Gail Wilson Award rewards exceptional human qualities such as putting the needs of the team first, consistently demonstrating respect, kindness, and concern for others and demonstrating dedication, commitment, and loyalty to the team both on and off the playing field. The recipient must also display leadership and performance that has been instrumental in the overall performance of the team, and exemplify the conduct and decorum expected of U SPORTS field hockey student-athletes.

Date - Winner - Team Date - Winner - Team

2016 Annie Walters-Shumka, Victoria
2015 Kathleen Leahy, Victoria
2014 Kylie Nabata, McGill
2013 Miranda Mann, UBC
2012 Carolina Romeo, Calgary
2011 Lindsay Koch, Calgary
2010 Jessica Lawson, Waterloo
2009 Jennifer Foster, Alberta
2008 Tyla Flexman, UBC
2007 Jennifer Zwicker, Alberta
2006 Malinda Hapuarachchi, Toronto
2005 Nicole Zaharopoulos*, York
          & Erin Dillon*, Saint Mary's
2004 Maureen O'Connor, UPEI
2003 Sherry Hartnett, York
2002 Lauren MacLean* Victoria
          & Robin Leslie* Waterloo
2001 Tara O'Reilley, Saint Mary's

1999 Jolene Bourgeois* UNB
      & Kristen Taunton* Victoria
1998 Jolene Bourgeois, UNB
1997 Sarah Forbes* York
       & Tracy McGee* UPEI
1996 Gillian Sewell, York
1995 Tammy Jewer* UNB
Alex Brooks-Hill* Toronto



JOYCE SLIPP AWARD (Rookie of the Year)

The Joyce Slipp Rookie of the Year is presented annually to a first-year player in U SPORTS field hockey who has exhibited exemplary skill and leadership. The winner is selected by the U SPORTS Coaches Association.


Date - Winner - Team Date - Winner - Team

2016 Rachel Spouge, Toronto
2015 Sabrina Wong, Calgary
2014 Lauren Logush, UBC
2013 Samantha Spooner, Dalhousie
2012 Hannah Haughn, UBC
2011 Amanda Woodcroft, Toronto
2010 Natalie Sourisseau, UBC
2009 Abigail Raye, UBC
2008 Jessalyn Walkey, Guelph
2007 Kaitlyn Williams, Victoria
2006 Effie Petrou, York
2005 Kristine Wishart, Guelph
2004 Ali Lee, UVic
2003 Laura Dowling, UBC
2002 Sarah White, St Mary's
2001 Christine de Pape*, Manitoba
          & Lindsay Trimble*, Guelph
2000 Ammie King, UPEI
1999 Robin Leslie, Waterloo

1998 Erin Fraser, Toronto
1997 Rachel Peters, Victoria
1996 Tina Cormier, UNB
1995 Becky Price, York
1994 Kristen Banham, McGill
1993 Lana Good, Alberta
1992 Kathy Bester, York

* co-winners


MARINA VAN DER MERWE Award (Coach of the Year)

The selection of the Women's Field Hockey Coach of the Year is made annually at the National Championship by the U SPORTS Coaches Association.

Date - Winner - Team Date - Winner - Team

2016 Zeeshan Minhas, York
2015 Lynne Beecroft, Victoria
2014 John DeSouza, Toronto
2013 Mary-Anne Reid, Queen’s
2012 Jeff Pacheco, Western
2011 John DeSouza, Toronto
2010 Jenn Swagar, Calgary
2009 Sharon Rajaraman, Saint Mary’s
2008 Hash Kanjee, UBC
2007 Brenyn Hodge, Western
2006 Carla Somerville, Alberta
2005 Carla Somerville, Alberta
2004 Michelle Turley, Guelph
2003 Hash Kanjee, UBC
2002 Jennifer Symmes, Western
2001 Gene Muller, Manitoba
2000 Terry Wheatley-Magee, Carleton
1999 Dr. Marina van der Merwe, York
1998 Hash Kanjee, UBC
1997 Deb Covey-Barnett, Calgary
1996 Dru Marshall, Alberta
1995 Sharon Creelman, Waterloo

1994 Marina van der Merwe, York
1993 Liz Hoffman, Toronto
1992 Dru Marshall, Alberta
1991 Lenny McCaigue, Manitoba
1990 Donna Hornibrock, UNB
1989 Joyce Slipp, UNB
1988 Liz Hoffman, Toronto
1987 Gail Wilson, UBC
1986 Joyce Slipp, UNB
1985 Liz Hoffman, Toronto
1984 Gail Wilson, UBC



Date - Winner - Conference Date - Winner - Conference

2016 Tyler Klenk, Canada West
2015 Denise Pelletier, OUA
2014 Denise Pelletier, OUA

2013 Keely Dunn, Canada West
2012 Denise Pelletier, OUA
2011 Denise Pelletier, OUA




Date - Winner Date - Winner

2016 Guelph Gryphons
2015 Guelph Gryphons
2014 Toronto Varsity Blues
2013 Waterloo Warriors
2012 Victoria Vikes
2011 UBC Thunderbirds
2010 Waterloo Warriors
2009 UBC Thunderbirds
2008 Guelph Gryphons