U Sports Academic All-Canadians

In 1988, U SPORTS introduced its first Academic All-Canadians, those exceptional student-athletes who achieve an academic standing of 80% or better while playing on one of their university's varsity teams.

Among these outstanding individuals, one female and one male from each U Sports regional association are selected annually as Top 8 Academic All-Canadians.

Academic All-Canadian criteria (PDF)

Academic All-Canadian list, by year, by institution (.xls) (updated April 2, 2015)


Past Top 8 Academic All-Canadians 


AUS: Elenor Henry, Mount Allison (soccer) / Geoff Schemitsch, Acadia (hockey)

RSEQ: Gabrielle Lapointe, Laval (soccer) / François Jarry, McGill (cross country/track & field)

OUA: Cindy Nelles, McMaster (rugby) / Colin Behenna, Waterloo (hockey)

CWUAA: Rebecca Terejko, UBC (swimming) / Chad Bush, UBC (soccer)


AUS: Katie Ross, Acadia (soccer / basketball) / Cole Grbavac, StFX (hockey)

RSEQ: Katia Forcier, Montreal (volleyball) / François Bourque, McGill (basketball)

OUA: Sasha Gollish, Toronto (track & field) / Austin Kennedy, Windsor (football)

CWUAA: Sarah Wierks, Fraser Valley (basketball) / Andrew Buckley, Calgary (football)

AUS: Michelle Pryde, Acadia (soccer) / Adrian Robertson, UNB (hockey)
RSEQ: Mariam Sylla, McGill (basketball) / Cédric McNicoll, McGill (hockey)
OUA: Caroline Ehrhardt, Western (track & field) / Tyson Hinz, Carleton (basketball)
CWUAA: Brittany Habing, Manitoba (volleyball) / Jordan Baker, Alberta (basketball)

AUS: Monica MacDonald, UNB (swimming) / Travis Gibbons, Acadia (hockey)
RSEQ: Émilie Chamard, Montreal (soccer) / Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill (football)
OUA: Alicia Brown, Toronto (track & field) / Steven Takahashi, Western (wrestling)
CWUAA: Jaki Ellis, Alberta (volleyball) / Paul Clerc, UBC (soccer)

AUS: Miranda McMillan, Dalhousie (hockey) / Nathan Musoke, Dalhousie (track & field)
RSEQ: Marie-Pier Pinault-Reid, Laval (rugby) / Marc-André Dorion, McGill (hockey)
OUA: Nicole Sassine, Windsor (track & field) / Darragh McGee, Toronto (soccer)
CWUAA: Hayley Wickenheiser, Calgary (hockey) / Kyle Ross, Saskatchewan (hockey)

AUS: Heather Ambery, UNB (Soccer) / Daniel You, Dalhousie (Volleyball)
RSEQ: Alexandra Lojen, Montreal (Volleyball) / Marc-André Dorion, McGill (Hockey)
OUA: Erika Reiser, Windsor (Track & Field) / Shujon Mazumber, Toronto (Wrestling)
CWUAA: Hayley Wickenheiser, Calgary (Hockey) / Darren Mazzei, Victoria (X-Country - T&F)

AUS: Alex Legge, Dalhousie (Basketball) / Jacob Kilpatrick, UNB (Volleyball)
QSSF: Marie-Michelle Genois, Laval (Basketball) / Steven Bielby, McGill (Swimming)
OUA: Megan Brown, Toronto (X-Country - T&F) / Dillon Heap, Wilfrid Laurier (Football)
CWUAA: Jennifer Hinze, UBC (Volleyball) / Thomas Hall, Manitoba (Football)

AUS: Isabelle Miles, UNB (Soccer) / Christopher Morrison, Saint Mary’s (Hockey)
QSSF: Paméla Filiatrault-Veilleux, Laval (Swimming) / Emmanuel André-Morin, Montreal (Volleyball)
OUA: Noelle Montcalm, Windsor (Track & Field) / Keith Beavers, Waterloo (Swimming)
CWUAA: Kayla Dykstra, Victoria (Basketball) / Kyle Ross, Regina (Hockey)

AUS: Justine McMillan, Acadia (Cross Country) / Niklas Rademacher, Dalhousie (Volleyball)
QSSF: Jennifer Thomson, McGill (Volleyball) / Tyler Marghetis, Concordia (Wrestling)
OUA: Brae Anne McArthur, Guelph (Track & Field) / Brad Rootes, Brock (Basketball)
CWUAA: Adrianne Vangool, Saskatchewan (T&F) / Benjamin Schellenberg, Winnipeg (Volleyball)

AUS: Katie Hollinshead, Dalhousie (Soccer) / Colin Sinclair, UNB (Hockey)
QSSF: Audrey Lacroix, Montreal (Swimming) / David Foley, Sherbrooke (Track & Field)
OUA: Jackie Malette, Windsor (X-Country - T&F) / Justin Hall, Queen’s (X-Country - T&F)
CWUAA: Katie Davidson, Manitoba (Volleyball) / Jay Langager, Lethbridge (Hockey)

AUS: Christine Terese Chislom, StFX (Cross Country) / Jeff Weiler, Dalhousie (Volleyball)
QSSF: Marylène Laplante, Laval (Volleyball) / Nicolas Murray, Laval (Swimming)
OUA: Jackie Malette, Windsor (X-Country - T&F) / Joel Scherban, Lakehead (Hockey)
CWUAA: Kristen Hagg, Alberta (Hockey) / Chris Meehan, Trinity Western (Volleyball)

AUS: Hilary Burn, Dalhousie (X-Country - T&F) / Tyler Dyck, StFX (Hockey)
QSSF: Danielle Day, McGill (Soccer) / Tyler Marghetis, Concordia (Wrestling)
OUA: Allison Oosterhuis, Western Ontario (Soccer) / Ian MacLeod, Toronto (Swimming)
CWUAA: Danielle Bourgeois, Alberta (Hockey) / Paul Deniset, Manitoba (Hockey)

AUS: Natalie Oake, St. Thomas (Hockey) / Daniel Hudgin, Moncton (Hockey)
QSSF: Carolyn McCabe, McGill (Swimming) / Simon Therrien, UQTR (Soccer)
OUA: Lulu Bursztyn, McMaster (Wrestling) / Sagar Desai, Western Ontario (Basketball)
CWUAA: Danielle Bourgeois, Alberta (Hockey) / Adam Ens, Saskatchewan (Volleyball)

AUS: Marieke Gardner, Dalhousie (Soccer) / Kjetil Vaage, UNB (Soccer)
QSSF: Marie-Hélène Giasson, Laval (Swimming) / Alexandre Pichette, McGill (Swimming)
OUA: Alison Mills, McMaster (Volleyball) / Robert Smart, Carleton (Basketball)
CWUAA: Maria Gallo, Alberta (Rugby) / Blair St. Martin, Alberta (Hockey)

AUS: Andrea Faryniuk, Dalhousie (Track & Field) / Tim Mullen, Saint Mary’s (Soccer)
QSSF: Sarah Ali-Khan, McGill (X-Country & T&F) / Strachan Hartley, McGill (Football)
OUA: Lauren Fratesi, Ottawa (Swimming) / Alexandre Hayes, Ottawa (Swimming)
CWUAA: Jacqueline Lavallee, Saskatchewan (Basketball) / Jeff Zorn, Alberta (Hockey)

AUAA: Kate Ellis, UPEI (Basketball) / Steve Gallace, Saint Mary’s (Hockey)
QSSF: Catherine Foley, Sherbrooke (Track & Field) / Strachan Hartley, McGill (Football)
OUA: Karina Verdon, Ottawa (Hockey) / Andrew Kwiatkowski, Western Ontario (Basketball)
GPAC: Brandy West, Regina (Hockey) / Joey Mikawoz, Manitoba (Football)
CWUAA: Jen Dowdeswell, UBC (Field Hockey) / Mark Versfeld, UBC (Swimming)

AUAA: Kate Ellis, UPEI (Basketball) / Aaron Barkhouse, Dalhousie (Soccer)
QSSF: Sara Russo-Garrido, Laval (Soccer) / Yannick Demers, Montreal (Swimming)
OUA: Kristine Spekkens, Queen’s (Volleyball) / Alex Hayes, Ottawa (Swimming)
GPAC: Erin Soroko, Winnipeg (Basketball) / Shawn Peters, Regina (Track & Field)
CWUAA: Kelly Matheson, Calgary (Soccer) / Spencer Holt, Lethbridge (Basketball)

AUAA: Jolene Bourgeois, UNB (Field Hockey) / Jan Trojanowski, Acadia (Basketball)
QSSF: Stephanie Welsh, McGill (Track & Field) / David Dufresne, UQTR (Soccer)
OUA: Nathalie Côté, Ottawa (X-Country - T&F) / Bob McGill, Queen’s (X-Country - T&F)
GPAC: Nadia Melon, Manitoba (Volleyball) / Shawn Peters, Regina (Track & Field)
CWUAA: Jessica Mills, UBC (Basketball) / Curtis Myden, Calgary (Swimming)

AUAA: Tracy McGee, UPEI (Field Hockey) / Peter Benoite, Memorial (Basketball)
QSSF: Wendy Whelan, McGill (Volleyball) / Alexandre Émond, Montreal (Volleyball)
OUA: Rebecca Chambers, Toronto (Track & Field) / Tim Cowan, McMaster (Swimming)
GPAC: Kathy Hrehirchuk, Manitoba (Volleyball) / Darreb Peters, Regina (Track & Field)
CWUAA: Sarah Joly, Alberta (Soccer) / Mike Dalziel, UBC (Volleyball)

AUAA: Rachelle Beaton, Dalhousie (Track & Field) / Chris Diamond, UPEI (Soccer)
QSSF: Andrea Bacsfalusi, McGill (Swimming) / Pierre Hudon, Laval (Football)
OWIAA / OUAA: Laurie Halfpenny, Guelph (Soccer) / Russell Jones, Toronto (Swimming)
GPAC: Amanda Mlodzinski, Manitoba (Swimming) / Phil Peters, Winnipeg (Volleyball)
CWUAA: Sarah Joly, Alberta (Soccer) / Mike Sieben, Alberta (Volleyball)

AUAA: Carla Edwards, Mount Allison (Volleyball) / Chris Diamond, UPEI (Soccer)
QSSF: Anna Leong, McGill (Swimming) / Alex Hutchinson, McGill (Track & Field)
OWIAA / OUAA: Vicki White, Ottawa (Soccer) / David Kantor, Queen's (Volleyball)
GPAC: Jackie Honey, Manitoba (Track & Field) / Mel McManus, Manitoba (Track & Field)
CWUAA: Liz Smith, Alberta (Soccer) / John McArthur, UBC (Swimming)

AUAA: Jill Lawless, Acadia (Volleyball) / Vojtech Kucera, St. Thomas (Hockey)
QSSF: Caroline Vachon, Laval (Track & Field) / David O'Hara, McGill (Cross Country)
OWIAA / OUAA: Karen Jackson, York (Basketball) / David Kantor, Queen's (Volleyball)
GPAC: Renelda Friessen, Manitoba (Volleyball) / Wayne Weathers, Manitoba (Football & Wrestling)
CWUAA: Adair Duncan, UBC (Basketball) / Todd Langley, Victoria (Basketball)

AUAA: Kathy McNally, UPEI (Field Hockey) / Ron Whelan, StFX (Soccer)
QSSF: Julia Maughan, McGill (Soccer) / Jason Della Rocca, Concordia (Wrestling)
OWIAA / OUAA: Karen Jackson, York (Basketball) / Craig Donaldson, Western Ontario (Hockey)
GPAC: Sandra Carroll, Winnipeg (Basketball) / Scott Koskie, Manitoba (Volleyball)
CWUAA: Erika Forster, UBC (Track & Field) / Curtis Myden, Calgary (Swimming)